DLIMS on Driving License verification

What is a Driving License?

A drivers license is a document that allows you to drive your own car or someone else`s. It is an official document , The CNIC card size also allows a specific individual to drive one or more types of Motor vehicles.Like motor cycle ,Taxis,Cars,Trucks,Buses and other public transport on the road.

How to make temporary license:

  • Fill in the learner form and attach 50 rupee driving ticket from post office, attach photocopy of your cnic card with it.
  • Age not less than 18 years.
  • It is clear that this permit will be helpfull for six months.
  • If you know about traffic rules , signals thenyou have to make your permanent license after six weeks.
  • There is a age limit of twenty one years to make L.T.V.Very easy method to driving License verification.

How to make permanent license:

  • To fill in the form of permanent license and attach 100 rupee driving ticket from post office in addition
  • 3 Patport sized pictures
  • Medical Certificate
  • Photocopy of CNIC Card
  • Attach 42 days of permit with application
  • If you make license of motorcycle and motorcar together, so clear that a learning permit will make separated. After six weeks permanent license make together.

How to make L.T.V permanent license:

  • Fill in the form of permanent license and attach that six weeks learning permit
  • three pastport size pictures
  • photocopy of cnic card and medical certificate , to submit just attach the driving ticket of 50 rupee with form , after passing the test , you will have to apply for an additional ticket of rupee 80.
  • There is may be different way to attach ticket for province Khyber Pakhtunkhawa , Balochistan and Sindh.

How to make H.T.V:

  • Old six weeks permit learner
  • Photocopy of CNIC card
  • Photocopy of car or L.T.V license
  • There must be 3 year old car license
  • 2 Pastport size pictures
  • Age must be 22 years

How to make duplicate license:

  • Write down the application of disappearence on simple or hidden pages and attach a driving ticket according to local law
  • Copy report Police station in which the license is lost, post office renewal report two passport size photos , if you want to change your torn license , attach your license with the application.No need of any report.
  • For P.S.V endorsement
  • You must have atleast one year old L.T.V license for P.S.V
  • Attach driving ticket according to local law on form D
  • Attach fingerprint beaver report two passport size photographs and ID card photocopy to application
  • It is necessary to make every kind of endorsement for first learning permit of car

Motor car driving skills test:

  • It is necessary for candidate to follow the following terms
  • Knows the meaning of all common traffic signs
  • knows about all the terms and rules of signals
  • And that his hearing is not so weak that he cannot hear ordinary sound signals without hearing and cannot distinguish between red and green in terms of looks
  • And with or without spectacles in good daylight from twenty five yards, a seven word registeration plate or three inch sized words not seen
  • To start up the car engine
  • To walk on straight or any other angle
  • The other car can go ahead, or to approach that car and choose other straight way
  • The turn the car to right or left or to turn to corner
  • To stop the car usually ,or in case of emergency stop the car on a suitable track
  • To reverse the car , during this time enter right or left place
  • With the help of up and down gear , change the direction of car

First you have to open google. After google open you have to open dlims website.You have to write your cnic number there.Click on verify below, you will know if your driving license verification is genuine or fake.

Documents Necessary To Apply Online

You can now apply online in punjab. After google open, open the dlims website.Click on how to apply. You have to purchase photocopy of your cnic card and post office ticket of 260 , it is necessary. You ,must have traffic rules book.Read it well. A medical certificate is also required.There must be four things.After that , you can apply online. First of all, you have to fill up your application.You will need to create a file with it.

  • A copy of the original permit is required.
  • You must have a medical certificate.
  • Three past post size photos must be attested.Copy of cnic card must be attested.
  • You also must have a ticket.
  • You can then apply for a permit license.
  • After that you have to pay a fee for the thing you want to apply.
  • You have to click download to take a form to apply.
  • After clicking, all forms will open in front of you.
  • You have to download and fill it.The you have to submit it.

Way To Renewel Driving License

What documents are required for renewal the license.This method is just for punjab.Open the dlims website .First of all , go to your download option.download the renewal form.The you to download the medical form.After downloading, the renewal form will appear in front of you.First of all you have to write cnic number. Your name ,father name , permanent address , date of birth and blood group.The you to write the driving license number.Then enter the name of district from which you created .
Then enter the name of the thing that is your driving license.Then enter that date on which your driving license updated.You must write it down, when your driving license verification has expired. Then write the date and sign it.Then attach the tickets at the back of your form.You have to submit your driving where it was made.

Driving License Is Ready Or Not

First of all open google.Then write down dlims websit and open it.You have to write the cnic number.And click the verify.You will then find out if your license has been issued or not. Write cnic number without space.If so, you will see a detail and image of the license in front of you.If not, not found option will appear.More information vist our website.