Sui Northern Gas Pakistan Limited all information(SNGPL)

Sui Northern Gas Pakistan Limited was established in 1963 as a private company. Due to the
Companies Act of 1913, now known as The Companies Act 2017, it was changed to a public
limited company. The company has been providing gas for over 50 years in Pakistan, spreading
from Balochistan up to the Northern Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, supplying gas to over 6.8
million consumers.



There are different types of billing. These types are listed below:

  • Normal
  • Estimated
  • Minimum
  • Sticky


Meter reading is taken of how much gas passes through and then the bill is calculated.The gas regulatory authority is at the rate given by (OGRA).


If due to any physical reason the meter cannot be read, for example due to the glass of
meter being dirty or the height of meter may be too high, then an estimated bill is issued
in which the past month’s bill may be used or the trend of gas consumption is checked
and a bill is printed out.


When the gas consumption is zero or the bill is less than the prescribed rates of
consumption, it is said to be a minimum bill.


When the meter is at fault and it stops checking the amount of gas passing through. For
domestic purposes, the average seasonal trend is taken out while for industries,the last
2 month’s or upcoming 2 month’s bill is issued, considering when the rates of GOP are
Different methods are used when an error occurs but the SNGPL ensures that these
methods are correctly implemented.

Bill Payment Option:

SNGPL makes sure the customers face no difficulty, especially in the times of pandemic when
people are scared to leave their homes, Sui Gas provides their customers with the option of
online payments so they can easily transfer payments without leaving their houses and fearing
for their lives. They have also contacts with a variety of different banks so customers are at
ease. They have atm services too for instant transfer. People can pay their dues through
SNGPL’s own application with the help of their mobiles. Customers can also pay with JazzCash
and U account to make the process quicker.

Gas Consumer Category:

Gas consumers in Pakistan have three categories.

How To Download SNGPL Bill:

As soon as the month draws to close, we are all worry about payment of our bill. Our bill may possibly be delivered late or we may skip them or lost them even through they are delivered on time. Now you can easily view and access your bill details easily through SNGPL Website. You just need to adhere these steps one by one.
• You need to click on the given link below or you can tap the official SNGPL Website.
• Pick the category of bill you want to download both Domestic Commercial and Industrial.

Online Domestic Application:

People can easily register for job vacancies in SNGPL. They do not need to go to a branch. All
they have to do is go on their website and submit their forms, a message of acknowledgement
is sent to the employee to ensure them that their application has been submitted. If any wrong
or incorrect detail is entered, the applicant is rejected. The cities of applicants must lie within the
sui gas network as they can’t work from somewhere where there are no branches.

New Connections Merit:

New dates for cities which lack the gas network are being conducted so gas can be easily
supplied through pipelines all over Pakistan. The list has been provided by SNGPL and can be
easily accessed on the company’s official website.

Demand Notice:

After that if site is accepted a letter of proposal/Demand notice will be released along with the house line plan and a list of your region’s registered house line installation contractors for the company.

Issuance of Meter

The Above Steps are followed by the issuance to the applicant of a Customer Meter Card (CMC) after which the gas connection along with the installation ofmeter, is issued within a week.
On a first come first served bases gas link will be available to you. The department of distribution will position the pipe (Service line if required) up to your connection point.
The meter and commission gas supply will be installed at your premises by the distribution department.

Issuance of Bill:

Details about the new customer are then sent to the billing department, which oversees the monthly billing procedure.1st bill will be released within 45 days of gas supply commissioning date. If after 45 days, you do not receive the full bill, contact your regional office in the city.

Consumer Services:

SNGPL takes immense care of their customers. A number of things have been improved and
modified to meet the needs and requirements of their respected customers. There has been a
construction of 42 branches set up for customer care so customers can come and ask their
queries and problems. They have also introduced online payment so payments are easy to
make. The company has put forward an emergency team which deals with emergencies only,
they are always available to anyone who is in need. They have also created many more branch
contacts so customer problems can be dealt in a gym too. E commerce banking has been
introduced by the company too for effective results.

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Future Projects:

As Pakistan is a developing country and is constantly in the phase of growing its economy, the
company’s task is really important. The Government of Pakistan has announced the introduction
of Special Economic Zones. Rashakai and Allama Iqbal Industrial Estate in Faisalabad are
named ‘early harvests’ of Pakistan. The government has demanded immediate gas supply by
the company. To fulfill this requirement, pipelines are being built to pass gas to these areas
instantly. Work has started at Rashakai but Allama Iqbal is still getting permission to establish
the pipelines for gas.
A gas pipeline is being set up from Charsadda to Khazana to Tangi as pressure drops in the
northern areas during the winter season. The company is trying to overcome this problem in
near future.

Health,Safety And Environment:

SNGPL HSE Management System follows Plan Do Act Check(PDAC) which is a revised policy
used by International Certification standards in which they make sure the company doesn’t harm
the environment in any way. The HSE has created 52 methods to keep a check and balance of
the safety of the environment. These needs to be approved by the management too. The HSE
has divided itself into 31 departments. Each department has its own supervisor who makes sure
the company’s management system is working properly in his or her allotted site. HSE also
introduced a Management Program which guides people all about the company’s activities
going on.