Sui Southern Gas Company was originally set up in 1955. Its previous name was Sui Gas
Transmission Company. Joined Sui Gas Transmission and Sui Southern Gas Company came into
being in 1989.
The company has been termed as a public large scale company. Its main headquarters are
located in Karachi. It supplies gas to over 1200 cities and villages, ranging from Balochistan to
Sindh. Around 2.8 billion gas was supplied to all sectors in the years 2015-16.
The company’s main aim is to channel and provide natural gas all over Southern Pakistan.
SSGC also establishes high pressure transmission. Pakistan has only one gas meter production
plant owned by SSGC. Digging and situating gas pipelines is also conducted by the company


Bill Check

Misplaced your bill? Or another copy is needed? Worry not, getting a new bill is not a problem.
All you need to do is get a laptop or mobile phone and tap on ssgc’s official website. You will be
directed towards a page with a few options on top. Choose ‘Customer Management’ and a drop
box will appear before your screens. Select ‘View Bill’ after which you will be asked to enter a
10 word customer code. Once typed in, press the button for ‘View/Download Your Bill’ and a soft
copy of your bill will be displayed on your laptop or mobile phone screen. You can easily get
your bill printed or downloaded and pay it before the due date.

Duplicate Bill

Rather than visiting the SSGC branch for every time you need a copy of your bill, you can easily
access the duplicate bill from your home with the help of your laptop or mobile phone. Search in
your URL the official website of SSGC or simply type on Google Search Bar ‘SSGC Duplicate
Bill’. You will be directed towards the official website of SSGC where you need to put in the 10
digit code and your duplicate bill will appear before you.
Bill Payment Methods
Sui Southern comes forth with a variety of options for their customers to pay their bills as per
their convenience and comfort.

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Online Banking

The first and foremost way is through the internet. All one needs is a laptop or a mobile phone
and the bill can be paid in a minute. SSGC has collaborated with numerous banks, like HBL and
Meezan bank, to make online banking much easier and faster.
Those customers who have already allowed online banking facilities need to login to their
account and pay the bill.

Bank ATM

Many banks, like Allied Bank and AL Baraka, allow customers to pay bills through ATM
machines. All you need to do is visit your nearest bank branch of the allowed banks and enter
your pin. Once the pin is entered, select ‘Bill Payment’ and then the atm will direct you towards
entering your account number and the required amount. The payment will then be made and an
acknowledgment will be forwarded.

Retail Shops


JazzCash is a huge online platform to pay your bills. Customers do not need to wait in long lines
for their turns to cash their bills. You they need to do is create a JazzCash account with the help
of their CNIC number and their mobile number. Once the account is made, click on ‘Utility Bills’
and then choose option for gas. You will be given two options of SNGPL and SSGC. when
SSGC is chosen, all you need to do is put in your 10 digit code. After confirming your details, a
successful transaction will be made.


Just like JazzCash, EasyPaisa is another online payment method which allows the customers to
pay their bills easily. This application also saves time and energy of the customers and helps
them in paying their bills without much difficulty.Once entered, go to the option ‘Bill Payment’ and then after
choosing ‘Gas’, select SSGC. The application will ask for your reference number. Now the
customer needs to verify their details along with the amount of bill and press the button ‘Pay
Now’. This completes the payment.

Door Step Cheque

SSGC has teamed up with Faysal Bank for doorstep payment. The customer doesn’t need to do
anything while an employee from Faysal Bank collects payment from their doorstep after
following the required protocol.

Credit Card

SSGC permits you to pay your bills with the help of your credit cards too. You may have to pay
the bill over call or through the internet. The call centre member asks you for your credit card
number. They may also ask a personal question like your mother’s or grandfather’s name for
verification. Once you are through, the payment is made.


(1) Do you sense gas leakage in your house? Or an incorrect bill? Don’t worry, SSGC provides you
with a number of ways to file a complaint and helps you solve your problem as soon as they
can. Customers can access the company’s email address and put forward their respected
issues. Their address is provided on their official website through which customers can write a
complaint letter too. They can also visit the company branch to help employees understand the
issue more thoroughly. The company has a uniform and easy to memorise helpline which can
be used in times of need.

(2) The company’s customer service is available 24/7 for immediate concerns of customers.
Once they call the customer service, the employee asks certain
personal questions to check if the said person is actually him or not. They inquire about their
customer ID, personal mobile phone number on which the gas bill is registered. They also ask
questions on meter like, how many meters do you have in the house? Or the address of
residence where the meter is located? The complaint is then registered and the customer is
directed towards the specific department for further details.
Another way to file a complaint is to contact the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. Fill in their
form, write down the trouble you are facing and send in the requested paperwork, that is it.


SSGC inaugurated Secure Socket Layer(SSL) technology in their system. The project was led
by Mazhar Usman to build a relation of trust and faith between the client and the employee. SSL
is applied on the SSGC billing system. This technology encrypts data which secures the
personal information of the customer like bank details, password and phone number. This
means the data is highly secured and cannot be easily cracked and the security of system has
intensified much more.

Consumer Services

SSGC has won consecutive awards for Consumer’s Choice Awards for being the most
considerate and helping company towards their customers. They come up with different
incentives for their 2.9 million customers so they can cater to their various needs and demands.
The company launched numerous bill payment collection methods, ranging from online banking
to depositing money at bank counters, whichever is feasible for the customer. Their fast service
of 24/7 call centres, ready to assist thclient whenever required. SSGC also installed SSL
technology in their system to create a stronger relationship with their clientele and to strengthen
their security system.

New Connections

It is very easy to get a new gas connection. All you need to do is go to ssgc’s official website
and on top of it a number of options will appear. Choose ‘Customer Management’ and then
select ‘New Gas Connection Application.’ You will then be asked certain questions like mention
the area of your residence, your CNIC number and the number of meters already set up in the
house etc.

Check Status

This can be accessed with ease too. Search ssgc’s official website on URL and then select
‘Customer Management. Then press the button for ‘New Connection Status’. Once there, enter
your customer number in the specified box. The status will then be available for the user.