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Hello…!! Welcome to my blog. today i will talk about most commonly used application(software) Inpage. tHIS ARTICLE IS ALL ABOUT inpage. In this article i will cover about what is inpage its overview.Will talk about its feature iportance and advantages and at the end i will conclude why is it so neccasry to have inpage in your pc. So Lets begins.

Inpage free download


(1)The software is the base software foR Urdu.This is the most useful and finest application in the world. This software allows you to write easily and more convinent way. This software has many features, This is a version of popular Urdu typing software that is widely used in Asian countries like as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Farsi for editing, typing, and producing Urdu novels, magazines, newspapers, and books, among other things, in their mother tongue Urdu.

(2)As you may be aware, we use this software not only to write documents or news in Urdu/Arabic, but also to produce a variety of other documents and create designs. We can utilise Hindi, Pashto, English, and other related languages for free on this 2009 InPage.

Inpage overview:

Urdu is Asia’s most widely spoken and recognised language. InPage is a free tool that allows you to write Urdu, Pashto, and Persian in one step. The most well-known tool for creating beautiful material with shading and design themes is InPage- It’s jam-packed with fresh style pictures, the most recent subjects, an Urdu console, and auto-righting for Urdu phrases.


Inpage suuports to write in different languages like Urdu, Arabic, Farsi,etc easily. You can also upload photos to this software and write them with simplicity. The text’s main goal is to convert Urdu pages into Arabic script. nasta’lq nasta’lq nasta’ (Contacts to the corresponding languages). Inpage free download comes with different advanced features in terms of Text,Object,Pictures and Language features that not can only save your time but make your efficiency better. Some of Features are Listed below.

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Text Features:

can easily use drop and down of text.
Rotation of text possible.
Use paste special option.
Wrap of text
word count and character
Spell checker.

Object feature:

Link and unlink text boxes
paste special option for objects
create different border styles
Rotation of objects


Attachment of images and pictures.
Control brightness and Contrast of images
Revert the pictures.
Preview of images


Supporting of urdu Arabic Phastu and hazargi language.
write in severalkeyboards at the same time.
Automatically backup of user files.
Supporting different types of fonts and add new more.
Change line and border pattern.


Simple to understand.
Themes for writing poetry are pre-installed.
An appealing and user-friendly interface.
It’s a really light-weight app.

why use inpage:

InPage free download is the most powerful publishing software available, with support for Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, and other languages. They offer complete flexibility in the use of all of these languages. They may be used individually and side by side in your document, or they can be fully merged.It combines the power and flexibility of desktop publishing with the calligraphic elegance of Nastaliq script, allowing you to compose text and build tables in any direction and then dress it up with built-in colour and other typographic /creative capabilities.

Inpage support:

software is free to use. you don’t need to pay anything for use almost supports every window pc and laptop and mobile.You don’t need to buy a pc with heavy specs. it almost runs on any pc.


Inpage is a useful tool for writing news papers magazines and urdu (Arabic) articles.
When creating websites, keep it simple and easy to use.
more userfriendly as compared to MS office specially when you are using urdu and arabic langauge.
sense. Inpage is a lightweight software. it comes with userfriendly and simple interface. Inpage allows user to use different languages and several themes for different writing projects.
understand it and use it easily. Best it is free. it is completely free (no cost) and can be downloaded easily.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
Can i save my file in PdF?
Yes you can save your file in pdf.
Select file menu option click on file and save as Pdf.
Inpage supports in unicode?
Yes it will comes with unicode supported feature. you can simply copy and paste from MS Word file.
Will inpage supports importing of files from other urdu software?
Yes you can easily import text files into it. But remember only text will appear in inpage without any formatting.

Can i send faxes in urdu from inpage free download.
Yes you can. it will comes with this feature from which you can easily send fax in urdu form.
Can i use Arabic fonts in it?
Yes you can, it supports arabic fonts.
Can i open a file in higher version which is made in low version?
No you can’t. it doesn’t supports this file feature. but you can easily open low version file in higher version of inpage.


(1)When you use Inpage programming to write Urdu, you get a lot of advantages and features. Furthermore, Nastaliq’s basic textual style in Inpage is so beautiful in its seductive handwriting and style that no other programming can match it.While you may find some optional programming on the web, inpage Urdu console is the best, providing you with the most productive and captivating Urdu created archives.

(2)Inpage, in its whole, provides you with the aspect of direct offer and direct print, making obtaining the record’s format more easier. Anyone may download the software and integrate it into their framework to have efficiently managed Urdu language reports in their operations thanks to the product’s free access.