K Electric Different types of Services

Availability of new connection payment services

Estimates of new connection deposits and security can be added to it.K H I Habbib Metro Bank Branches,Faisal Bank Branches,K H I Askari Bank Branches,K E CCC,(Nazimabad Karachi)on bank booth.Federal B Area,Liaquatabad,Gardan,Orangi,Municipality,Surjani,Layari,Bin Qasim Easy mony deposits on mobile and retail stores new HBL App and HBL internet Banking.

Stay in touch with K Electric

If consumers needs to contact k electric for any reason,such as billing information,they can get information from any type of care center from new connection and other services.There are 30 customer care centers in Karachi and mobile CCC A are Operational.prioritizes access to its customers and we make sure no customer stays away from our services.

K Electric largest corporate call center

118 Respones centersĀ­-ensure that consumers report power outages in their areas and register here.8119 SMS service-send us complaints and question directly on Facebook and Twitter 24/7.K E Live mobile app also available on(Google play store Apple app store). And various services are provided to the consumer portal customers on the go.

Customers updates their details

It is necessary for industrial and commercial electricity users to provide information to Federal Board of Reveue.Updating the data base for your customer information comply with the law.We request You to updates NTN and CNIC numbers for you records as soon as possible

K Electric new Connection

new connection services and online services help our people calculate the post of new connection You can easy apply for any connection.Can also track new connection requests.And they can easily lodge new connection and new connection complaints at their home 24/7.K electric has taken several steps.This is due to the reduction in transmount and time for new connection.

Fewer documents

By making information available online, K Electric has made all information more accessible to everyone.

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K Electric SMS Complaints

KE Electric launches SMS campaign through which it  provides usefull information to its customer regarding all services.Customers can contact as for immediate assistance and receive updates and updates at any times in their area.Once registered, customers can use the SMS facility.

  • Ask about the load shedding schedule
  • Report a technical glitch
  • Get billing complaints or information
  • Report planning or emergency errors

How to registered

To register ,type registration you can send registration 0400012345678 and 8119 from13 for example.you will also be well come after submitting the application,which will be confirmed by the k electric mobile service.

How to send an SMS

  • For technical complaints.
  • Registered customers.
  • Comp ; type and send an SMS to 8119.
  • Un registered customers.
  • You can do 0400012345678and SMS to 8119.

 Checking the bill

Type the registration customer bill and 8119.

Un registered customers; bill (space)0400012345678 and SMS to 8119.