How to earn money lootup website in 2022

How to earn money lootup website in 2022

I will give you one day that this is a website that gives easy free money every day. Lootup is a website that pays members to complete tasks and submissions, take surveys, and play games. The best part of this website is that members receive a daily free spin with a reward of 500 points which is equal to 0.5.

With the receipt of payment that I received in my PayPal account and in the email message that I received. I saw a payment from Adcend Media LLC. From this I learned that the website is known through a popular affiliate program called AdSense Media. So along with that, we also have to agree with me that the website is very legit.

payment proof by lootup

There are many ways to earn money on a website. All you need to do is register on the website by clicking here and create an account. The registration process is fast. After registering. You can start earning money by clicking on the “Earn” tab and choosing from the options. You can choose to complete a survey, a presentation, or a task. There is another part that allows members to receive free rewards.. The winners receive some points.

They’ve just added a new segment where members can play and win while they’re at it. Finally the part that I like the most and the only option that I choose is the turning segment. You will receive 1 free spin every day with a prize of up to 500 points equal to $0.5. With that, I managed to earn up to $3 in just one day for free. And it doesn’t take me even 5 minutes to log in and out every day.

The minimum payment through PayPal, Bitcoin and Gift Cards is $1. Below is the proof of my payment and my balance.

How to earn money lootup website

For those of you who haven’t tried this PayPal balance generator web app, you won’t miss out because it’s already paid for.

This money earning web app has very simple missions like completing surveys, entering contests and much more.

Each new user who signs up will receive a maximum PayPal balance of $1 to $5, which can then be withdrawn directly to the PayPal account.

This fund balance generating app is called, this Apk is still in the form of a web that can now be accessed from a single browser.

With the web description, they will launch the app which will be found on Playsore. You can find the Play Store logo on this app.

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To add dollars from this Cash Earning Apk, you can complete the mission provided through the website.

One of the easiest missions is to complete the survey provided in the Earn Money tab. You can find this tab at the bottom of the web.

For those of you who are interested in getting PayPal balance from this money making app, please follow the steps given below.


How to make 1 free with monetization apps.

  • Register Paypal Producer Apk by clicking on link.
  • Sign up by email.
  • Create a username
  • create a password
  • email verification
  • Finalized
  • With a little information, apart from completing the survey, there are still many missions that you can do on this PayPal construction site, such as watching videos, walking and much more.

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Application Download 

The more points you earn on, the later you can redeem them for dollars. The more points you earn, the more dollars you earn.

In addition to PayPal, you can withdraw dollars from You can use a bitcoin or an Amazon gift card.