The Best Ways To Watch Ads For Money

The Best Ways To Watch Ads For Money

These are the best apps and websites where you can earn money by watching ads on your device.


  • If you’re looking for a website or platform where you can make money just by watching video ads, check out this great AdWords site.
  • Create an account on the website by clicking the Sign Up button in the top right corner and start earning money right away.
  • You can earn up to $ 3.00 by watching just one video ad. Get an extra $ 1 when you refer a friend and start using this app.
  • Once you have reached $ 10 in your account, you can withdraw cash to your bank account or Paypal account. In addition to this, you can use these points to get gift cards related to Amazon and other listed ecommerce sites.

Earn money and cash prizes (APP) – CURRENT MUSIC SCREEN

As the name suggests, you can make money and money just by listening to music. I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t like to listen to music. This app has over 100,000 radio stations offering you a variety of genres.

You can also make money by doing research and getting ads. Earn Cash & Money Rewards has over 100,000 installs and more and more. This app has received a very good rating in ratings and reviews.


Go to iRazoo and create an account today because they make a good amount of money after watching video ads and playing with their mobile apps.

By creating an account in iRazoo, you get 100 points for free. When you add to this, you get 500 extra points every time your friend joins iRazoo with your invite link. You will earn more and more when your recommended friends refer their link to others.


Swipe left, right or up to earn money. Seems easy? Yes, it is very easy.

Install the Slidejoy app from the Google Play Store or their official website. After installing the app, you will need to lock your mobile screen to see some ads, as shown in the image above.


Buy your daily necessities from ibota and earn a refund on every purchase made with this app. We have so many things we buy every day. This means you can earn cashback every day.

Next, you need to watch a simple ad to redeem your money. Ibotta is associated with many well-known brands such as Walmart, Target, Domino’s Pizza, and so on.

Just browse your products in the app, buy them, add a receipt to the app after watching a video ad for about 30 seconds, and get a refund. Just by installing the app you can earn $ 20.




Earn money | BIGtoken Cash App | Polls and awards

The BIG token app will help you earn money by filling out some questions in the app. You can also make money by watching ads in the app itself. All you have to do is scan the receipt and make money.

There are new ways to redeem your points for cash. You can send money directly to your Paypal account and your Xbox account.