How to post a job on Snagajob


Snagajob is an international employment agency covering industries such as hotels, retail, healthcare and many more. By advertising vacancies to clients like Burger King, Michaels, and Dunkin Donuts, Snagajob connects employees to hourly work. More than 60 million registered job seekers have an average age between 16 and 30, and job seekers have an average of 3 years of work experience here.

Snagajob makes it easy for companies to acquire and attract candidates. Use personality tests to identify each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as different ways to apply for a job type and position. Serving the millennial market, Snagajob’s website and search process is fully optimized for mobile devices.


When you post a job at Snagajobi

The word goes away immediately:

job seekers active in your zip code will be notified
the job appears in relevant search results on and the Snagajob mobile app
the job will be emailed to local job seekers through the daily job notice email
you get a short URL that you can share on social media
Snagajob also gives you the opportunity to do a more active candidate search. Based on your job title, Snagajob will connect you with local job seekers who are qualified for your job. You can view profiles and ask potential candidates to request them.

submit a job to Snagajob?

Snagajob offers three plans for $ 89-249 per month

Beginner: The startup plan includes a job posting at Snagajob for one month. The work will also be sent directly in an email addressed to potential candidates. It also includes the ability to search with a single click (by dragging your Snagajob profile information into your application) and tools to sort and filter the questions you receive.

Application management by Snagajob

As part of the job posting package, Snagajob provides basic tools for managing candidate applications. You can sort, filter and rate candidates to create a list of interview opportunities. This is available through the desktop or mobile app.

To maximize the reach of each job, you may want to consider reporting your work to multiple locations. You can do this by monitoring apps arriving in different places. from your inbox to the tools provided by additional jobs.



Using Snagajob with Workable

If you use Workable to rate Snagajob candidates, you can still collect your candidates in the Workable tube for review. After using Workable to submit your work to the free job sites of your choice or purchasing other premium messages, you will see a short link to your workplace in your network steps.