How to Earn money online Toloka


With Toloka, you can make money online by performing simple tasks that computers can’t handle. Basically, it is necessary to analyze and evaluate different contents. For example, you’ll need to check the compatibility of your site’s search queries, compare images, and define product categories.

Task types:

An even comparison of images, pages, search results, or interface options.
Evaluate the compatibility of the webpage, image, or video with the search query.


Make money by completing simple online tasks

You can use Toloka to make money online by performing simple tasks that computers cannot cope with. You mainly need to analyze and evaluate different types of content. For example, you might need to check to see if sites match your search queries, compare images, and define product categories. With Toloka, it’s easy – choose an activity, run it, and get a reward. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access and free time.


Where can I find my username in the online version of Toloka?

In the online version of Toloka, your username will appear in the upper right corner next to Avatar. If your name or nickname appears next to Avatar, click the avatar. The username is displayed in the window that opens.


How to be a successful toloker

Follow these simple rules:

Please enter your correct information when registering.
Use only one account.
Do not use scripts or bots.
Perform the tasks carefully.
Communicate constructively and professionally with applicants and the support team.


What not to do in Toloka

We make sure that users follow the platform’s rules, so we’ll review the information they provide.

Toloka has an anti-fraud system in place to control and prevent fraud. Monitor user behavior and block suspicious accounts. In different cases, the ban may be due to different reasons and we may not always be able to remove it. Sometimes an account can be locked again after unlockin.




So don’t do:

Use the platform if you are under 18 years old.
You provide incorrect information when registering or on your profile.
Use multiple accounts.
Use scripts or bots or try to make money dishonestly.
Perform tasks poorly.
Make frequent mistakes when entering captches, type them carelessly, or skip them.