How to Earn money Jumptask app

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a concert marketplace that allows companies to get the most out of online earning skills. As an added bonus, it gives gig workers the freedom to explore the world of cryptocurrencies, as all payments are made in the platform’s cryptocurrency: JumpToken (JMPT). Now that Honeygain is collaborating with JumpTask, you will also be able to choose JMPT as your payment option on Honeygain.


Honeygain Payout in Jumptask – A Complete Guide

If you have been looking for passive income methods that do not require special skills. Then you have definitely heard of Honeygain. It is a passive income app that allows you to share your excess internet in exchange for cash income. However, Honeygain does not seem to share real customer information, they have certainly a large following on casual partnerships plus active customer networks on Reddit and Discord.


This month, Honeygain hit news markers again by signaling its new partnership with an online microtask company, JumpTask. We thought we could even look at the revived app and see what happens! So we can write this article for you. So let’s get started:


About Honeygain

Honeygain, which has been involved in the industry for over two years, is one of the most overwhelming passive income apps known to be online by selling excess data that is not being used. Recently, a new business partnership has been released which will allow its customers to earn more, monetize jumptasks and explore the world of cryptocurrencies as something more.

Honeygain is an online network publicly supported by the world guide that has its customers all over the world with a possible chance to earn passively.


Easier assignment

With the TaskOPad Task Management app, it becomes easier to understand which team members are overworked and who can handle a few more tasks. You can easily prioritize recurring or new tasks and assign deadlines in this task management software so team members can work accordingly.

Earn money directly in JMPTokens (JumpTokens)

You can choose to switch to Jumptask mode via the Honeygain dashboard and request a payment whenever you want in your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network wallet with minimal fees.

The best part is that there is no minimum threshold to relaunch if you are using JMPT mode. You just have to pay the blockchain fees, typically $ 0.10- $ 0.30.

The more you earn using the Jumptask mode

If you choose to use Jumptask mode via Honeygain, you will receive a limited time bonus of 50% on your earnings via Gathering, Content Delivery, Referrals and Lucky Pot. The bonus is here to last for a few months and pair this bonus with the latest Price increase to $ 0.30 / GB increases your earnings a lot. If you choose to pay via JumpToken on your Honeygain credits, you will also receive a 20% bonus.




Faster transactions

Payments are processed within minutes if you choose to use Jumptask mode. For regular Honeygain credit payments via JumpTokens, it usually happens within a few hours on weekdays.