How to earn money with Furr app 2022

Furr earn money

Stop wasting your notification and start earning with your push notifications. Maximize profits from your mobile with next generation push advertising.

Furr helps publishers earn more with push ads by offering personalized expert support and an easy-to-use app for maximum performance.

Start with 3 simple steps.

Sign up for a free publisher account.
No moderation or minimum requirements.

Enable push notifications for the Furr app.
Start earning

Receive payments on flexible terms via variable payment methods.
Payments start at PKR 100. Receive payments directly into your JazzCash or Easypaisa account.

Reach more paying customers

Use the billing system of Google Play, one of the largest mobile payment platforms in the world, with over 2.5 billion active users in more than 190 countries
Earn more by improving your user experience by finding the right combination of ad formats for new and existing users with Google furr earn money
Maximize your revenue by considering a flexible revenue generation strategy that adapts to your target audience and markets. Different audiences may have different preferences for payment apps, in-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, and other e-commerce.
Increase engagement and retention with memberships by offering free trial periods, introductory pricing, promotional codes, and more
Use subscription insights to measure how much you earn at each subscription level, track retention, and see which features attract the most interest

Make money online -furr earn money is easy

Making money online is quite easy with furr earn money surveys.

We have optimized our software to find the most relevant surveys. More relevant polls mean more money for you.

When we find a survey that’s perfect for you, we’ll send you an email invitation. It is important that you register with your primary email address. Signing up with the email address you use regularly is the best way to make money. If you don’t attend when you’re invited, the invitation goes to another furr earn money member.

Paying with furr earn money is easy. You can choose between different payment options.




Take control of your revenue furr earn money

Whether it’s in-app purchases, subscriptions, or payment apps, choose the revenue generation strategy that works best for your business
Learn the basic procedures and best practices for Google Play’s revenue generation capabilities
Increase user engagement by offering products in the app. Try introductory packages for starter packages, sales with value-added offers to convert non-buyers, and advantageous offers for engaging new users.
Offer a paid app by specifying a price the user must pay before he can download and install it