How to Earn Money From VK (VKontakte) App 2022

What is the VK App?

The VK application is also known as the Russian VKontakt. It is an app for social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can share your photos, videos and posts here. VK also has a clip section. This section is the same as TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Users can upload short videos here. This app also includes music, videos and Messenger. People can chat between them, share videos and messages. VK gained 14 million mobile users in 2016-2021. So this is a great social media app.

Many people want to make money with VK. This article is really useful for them. I want to tell you how to make money with VK App. After reading this article, you can easily earn $ 10-20 daily from VK.

How to make money from VK (VKontakte)?

There are different ways to make money online from VKontakte. But I want to tell you the easiest way to make money in a week. If you have a cell phone and a good internet connection, you can easily earn up to $ 20 a day a week.

With this method, you do not make money directly from VKontakte. But you make money by using the VK app on your mobile phone. The whole method is very easy and simple. You make money by following users on VKontake, watching videos and liking it. Anyone can make it easy. I will tell you these simple steps you need to follow to make money from the week.

Install the VK application on your mobile phone

First, install VKontakte on your PlayStore or AppStore mobile phone. After installation, create an account for vk. You must also confirm your email address and mobile phone number. Then update your profile picture. You must also write at least 1 message. These steps are very important to make money from VKontakte.

Create an account on Vkserfing

Vkserfing is a website that allows you to make money on VKontakte. You must first create an account on Once you have created your account, verify your email address and fill in your information. You must complete and confirm your account in vkserfing.

Link your VKontakte account to the Vkserfing website

Once you have created accounts in VKontakte and Vkserfing, you must link these accounts. Go to vkserfing’s website. Click on 3 points in the upper left corner. Open Tasks. Click Link VKontakte account. Enter your vkontakte e-mail address / number and password and click on login. After logging in, you will see a lot of vkontakte tasks.

Complete VKontakte missions and earn money

Once you have linked your vkontakte account to vkserfing. Just click on 3 points in the upper left corner and click on Tasks. You can like, follow, subscribe, comment and share from vkontakta. When you perform these tasks, you will receive coins. Each task has its own price. Some tasks offer high prices and some low prices. These tasks start from 0.10₽ to 0.50₽. Once you have successfully completed one task, your balance will be added to the payout section. You will see the balance you have earned in the payout section.

Vkserfing recommended program

It is very easy to make money from the Vkserfing referral program. Just click Referral and copy your invitation link. You can share this referral link with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, twitter and instagram etc. When your friends are involved and working on vkserfing. You earn a lot of shipping fees. This referral program is really good for you if you have a lot of traffic on social media.

How to withdraw money from Vkserfing

Vkserfing provides for repatriation in the ruins. You can withdraw money in four different wallets, which are Payeer, Qiwi, YuMoney and Perfect Money. You can combine any wallet with vkserfing and fill in your threshold. The minimum payout is 100 ₽. After earning 100 rubles, send a payout request. You will receive a cancellation within 7 working days.

Vkserfing is legal or a scam

Vkserfing is a very old Russian website. Many of my friends have been working on it for a few months. They can be repatriated many times. They also had no problem working here. People come here to advertise VKontakte accounts. They paid vkserfing for this. It retains 50% of the money and gives 50% to the users who perform the tasks here. So vkserfing is a real website. Here you can work freely. In addition to making money, you can advertise your VKontakte account on this page.


How much can we earn daily from Vkserfing.Ru?

It all depends on your hard work and your smart mind. When you perform tasks and work 3-4 hours, you can easily earn up to $ 10. But you can make a lot of money by inviting your friends to it. The Vkserfing reference program is very amazing. I personally earn up to $ 500 by inviting my friends. All you have to do is create an account in Vkserfing and start earning today.