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IF I had been asked the simple and straightforward question, “Do blacks in America have a good chance?” it would be easy to simply answer “No” and then refer to cases that everyone knows to justify this answer. However, such an opinion would be misleading to anyone unfamiliar with the current situation. That is why I have chosen to make my answer no less honest and direct, I hope, but a little more substantive.

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Over the past decade, official records show that 37,000 Negroes have left other countries to settle in the United States. I cannot find any evidence that a significant number of blacks have given up residence in America.

The surprising fact is that Negroes from other countries constantly enter the United States and few leave. This seems in part to answer the question of whether blacks stand a good chance in America compared to any other country where blacks live in large numbers.

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REDUCED to its bare minimum is the fact that much of our racial problems in the United States stem from trying to pass and execute a law that will make and keep one man superior to another, regardless of whether he is inherently superior or not. . . No greater harm can be done to any group of people than to make them feel that a statutory law can hold them superior to anyone else. No greater harm can be done to any young person than to make him feel that, because he belongs to this or that race, or because of his color, he will go on in life regardless of his own merits or efforts.

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In certain directions, the Negro has had more opportunities in the states where he has served as a slave than he has in the states where he has been a free man for a century or more. This statement is confirmed by the fact that the southern Negro rarely needs to look for work, but on the other hand, he looks for work. In all my experience in the Southern States, I have rarely seen a Negro man or woman looking for work who did not find it. In the south, the Negro has business opportunities that he does not have elsewhere.

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In his annual report for 1900, Mr. It contains an in-depth analysis of the sources of the Florida school fund and how it is distributed among black and white schools. Referring to the figures received, he stated:

A look at previous statistics indicates that the part of the state designated as “Middle Florida” lags significantly behind the rest in all stages of educational progress. The usual argument is that this is due to the intolerable burden of black education, and a general discouragement and inactivity are attributed to this cause.




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NO influence could ever make me want to go back to the terms of the Days of Reconstruction to secure the nigger vote. It was an order of things that was bad for the black man and bad for the white man. In most southern states, it is imperative to impose some restriction on the use of the ballot paper. The actual methods by which this limitation was generated have been widely publicized and it is not necessary for me to discuss them here. At the time of adopting these measures, I urged that whatever law was in effect in the Code of Ballot Use Laws, it applied with absolute impartiality to both races. This policy I once again support both the white man and the black man in justice.