How to earn money by Solitaire Blitz


What can you do in Solitaire Blitz?
You can play Solitaire Blitz for fun, for honor or for $ RLY tokens. Find your friends to play with or confront strangers.
Does Solitaire Blitz have social media?
You can also follow us on Twitter at @onjoyride

Solitaire Blitz

Can I win tokens on Solitaire Blitz?
Yup! You can earn $ RLY Tokens by playing matches and completing challenges
What else can I win?
Train your skills and play PvP to win coins and tickets. You can use coins to participate in training matches and tickets to play coin-operated matches.
How do I get paid?
Join our community at and you will find relevant guidelines.

Solitaire Blitz – Earn Rewards Mod

What can you do in Solitaire Blitz?
You can play Solitaire Blitz for fun, honor, coins and even tokens!
We ensure a fair and balanced match by matching an opponent at the same skill level through our proprietary matchmaking algorithm.

How do I play?

We have several games and variants of Solitaire available in the app on the Playground and on the tabs Race. Choose the type of game you want to play and wait for your opponent to show up! Remember that each opponent is matched to ensure a skill level comparable to yours. Each of you has 5 minutes to complete the game and the player with the highest score wins.

What is PvP?

If you want to test yourself, join a PvP match! We will match you with an opponent with comparable skills.The one who gets the highest score wins the game by earning prizes!

What is the playground?

Located in the bottom navigation menu, Playground presents a select list of all games. You can go to the “Contests” tab to see the full list.

What is the power of Klondike?

A popular variant of classic solitaire, where you draw 3 cards at a time from the Talon pile instead of just one card at a time. The boost allows you to only draw 1 card at a time for 30 seconds, which can be the difference between a win or a loss, so use it wisely!

What is Blitz Mode?

This is the original classic solitaire card, but is played live against another opponent where you draw 1 card at a time from the Talon deck. The boost in this mode causes your opponent to draw 3 cards at a time instead of 1 for the next 30 seconds. Use it wisely to knock your opponent out of the game!

What are the challenges?

Challenges are a set of activities that you must complete before time runs out.
Daily challenges must be completed in one day, and seasonal challenges are generally a week-long event unless the timer shows otherwise.

How many rewards do I get?

The challenges have different levels. Each level has different rewards such as $ RLY tokens, coins, tickets and boosters. So keep winning to get more rewards.
Visit Challenges regularly to redeem your rewards.

What are tickets?

Tickets allow you to compete in seasonal and special events to win tokens.
At the end of each challenge season, your tickets expire.

What are boosters?

Boosters increase your XP or coin winnings by 100%. Only after completing the challenge milestones are boosters awarded. They are only activated for a certain period of time.
What types of booster rewards are there?
XP Booster – XP wins are doubled while this booster is active
Coin Booster – Coin winnings are doubled while this booster is active
‍Technical / account problems.


What can I do to minimize delay and freezing?

Games of Solitaire Blitz are best enjoyed while stationary, fully charged, connected to a powerful Wi-Fi network and with the latest version of the app. We recommend that you check your Wi-Fi connection, battery power and app version before playing, and connect / charge / update as needed before participating in a match!
My phone froze in the middle of the game. Can I get my registration fee back?
No, once you enter a match, we will not be able to credit your entry fee. Make sure you have a strong connection, no apps running in the background, and that you are fully turned on before starting an important game.