How to Earn Money From Luck Step App

Lucky Step app for Android

One of the most accurate and informative apps available, this app will be irreplaceable for fitness enthusiasts and those who care about their body and health. Lucky Fitness Step Counter is one of the more intuitive apps that can do a great job of simplifying the pedometer process.

The app has a built-in pitch sensor which does not use GPS. In this way, it does not consume battery power. It also tracks past distance, time and calories burned as top indicators for women. The app design includes instructional graphics that show the statistics.


You can also set goals in advance for a day or a week, and the app generates reports for you with visual progress. This pedometer offers 100% free access to all of its features except for a small fee to get rid of the on-screen ads.

What is the Lucky Step app?

LuckyStep is a completely free program with no purchases or advertisements in the app. This is a basic type of app that would be fine for beginners. Google Fit calculates your steps, calories and mileage during different workouts.

It is a health-oriented application that has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to develop two activity goals called:

Main features

Easy to use and simple interface
Fast and reliable experience
Added more interesting options
New interface changes
No ads in use
Registration is not required
No time limit
Live App, does not require updates
Free app and more

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How do I download the APK?

Follow these steps to download the latest version of this APK 1.0.35 for Android, PC or iOS / iPhone. This is a simple and official method to install this APK on Android / PC / iOS.