How to earn money from Chingari App

Description of Chingari – See and Serve Gari

Chingari – Bharat Ka Super Entertainment App. You can create original videos, dance to your favorite songs, try fun and exciting AR filters, lip sync with your favorite songs and dialogue. Our super sleek and user-friendly interface helps people explore their favorite content at your fingertips. Our latest addition of video tones enhances your phone call experience with simple on-screen video recognition while you wait for the call to be answered.

From there, they can leave tokens in their account and let them accumulate value as $ GARI continues to grow or redeem them on the major exchanges.

Create or view to earn

We are revolutionizing the incentive structure for our users, where any content creator will be encouraged to create and upload fun content. In addition, each user participating in the ecosystem will be rewarded with Gari tokens.

Overall, any Chingari user with an active Gari wallet will earn Gari tokens through the “Enter to earn” program. These prizes will be awarded based on activities on the Chingari platform, including but not limited to video creation, viewing, sharing, likes, referrals and more. We will publish the details of the program soon.

Air launches

Users who activate the Gari wallet and complete KYC will receive Gari tokens to be the first to adopt Social Entertainment on Blockchain. The earlier the user becomes part of the Gari ecosystem, the more rewards will be earned. The Gari Airdrop program will also take into account the users’ historical performance on Chingari.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. We will be adding many more features and incentives to the Gari ecosystem in the coming months.


1.You can also make money by collaborating with other creators. With the help of collaboration you not only get money but you will also gain a lot of followers.

2.So with the help of collaboration you will get money + followers.


How to collaborate with creators

1.Send messages whose followers are the same as yours or slightly fewer than yours, and get them to make a joint video.

2.This way you collaborate with other creators and make money easily.