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Earn money music and watching videos. : Mini face face:
A unique and wonderful platform for listening to music and earning money. Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, earn coins and stay in the app to earn money.


You can earn and receive rewards by playing music and watching videos.
Givvy Videos is a free music app. Do you want to earn extra money by listening to music or watching your favorite videos? Then Givvy Video is for you.

There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases. This is a convenient opportunity to become a part of your daily life. Earn money today with Givvy Video’

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  • For many of you, it might be tuning into your favorite radio station and listening to music and radio talk shows.
  • It’s no secret that the media landscape has changed in recent years. The way we watch TV and movies has changed.
  • Newspapers are going bankrupt and streaming services are putting pressure on cable companies and networks.
  • But people still listen to the radio.
  • And don’t forget the nearly 34 million people who have SiriusXM satellite radio.
  • If it sounds like music to your ears, you’re in luck!

Join the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel (earn $ 50 / year)

Nielsen Market Research is a company known for its surveys and insights into people’s behavior.

This includes listening to the radio.

They do this by creating panels to see how people think or behave.

One of the ways they do this is by watching how people use their computers or mobile devices.


Do you consider yourself a music critic?

Have you ever wanted to tell a band or artist how great their music is, or their latest song is the worst in the history of mankind.

Well, it turns out you can do just that.

And you get paid for it.


RadioEarn is a site that pays you to listen to music through your computer.

Sign up to create an account, log in and then select the radio link you want to listen to.

You earn points every 15 minutes you play, and those points are redeemed for cash at the end of the following month.

You can receive your payment via bank transfer, Amazon gift card or Bitcoin.

You’ll hear advertisements from time to time (that’s how they pay their payments).

Interesting facts, according to their website they have more than 56,000 members and more than 1,300 stations from around the world.