How to make money on Picoworkers

 How Much Can You Earn Doing Simple Online Businesses?

(1) Picoworkers is an online platform for freelancers that claims it pays you to complete short tasks as well as long-term and ongoing jobs.

(2) In my Picoworker review today, I’ll find out how much you can earn on the platform to help you decide if it’s really worth signing up.
(3) At first glance, it appears to be a real-looking market for making more money at home for those looking for quick cash and for people who don’t want to commit long hours.

However, we need to take a closer look at whether your time will be well spent here.

Introduction to Picoworkers

The website was once created in 2013 by an American agency named clarion that now everyone can work and earn money online.

If you’re already familiar with various microjob websites, then Picoworkers might be a website worth considering.

How to register with Picoworkers

The way to grow a Picoworkers earning account is simple. You just want to provide your full name, email address, and US residence.

You will also need to create a profile web page by entering your nickname, the title of the profile web page and a short bio. Your earned Picoworkers account will be credited with a $ 0.50 sign-up bonus as soon as you confirm your email address.

How do Picoworkers work?

How to make money with Picoworkers is divided into two sections, one for employers and one for workers. Employers post a lot of jobs and small tasks on the website for people to complete. Some of the more common tasks include:

Registration for websites
Watch YouTube videos
I like Facebook pages
Follows the social media accounts

The income potential of Picoworkers

Unfortunately, the usable profit is very low. Short-term jobs pay only between two cents and 20 cents, while ongoing (long-term) jobs pay up to $ 15 per job. task.

From these numbers it is easy to say that the profits that can be obtained are no longer very lucrative, for the quality it is a very small facet of income.
The maximum amount you should expect for the month, as soon as you perform tasks accurately and consistently, is between $ 30 and $ 50.


To be paid

1. Asking for prices is one of the most complicated strategies for Picoworkers. This is due to the numerous formalities you have to complete before you can receive your earnings.

2. Picoworkers will first verify your photo and then your full identity to set up your identity. You must also answer your protection question before submitting a withdrawal request.

3. This complete process takes two business weeks and any discrepancy in your information will result in non-payment.
4. The minimum payment stability on this platform is $ 7.00, not including the sign-up bonus which cannot be withdrawn.